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What is the eligibility criteria for .BIZ.MY?
.BIZ.MY is a new Third Level Domain Names (3LD) for business organisation/activities which listed below:
  • Registered with SSM:
    • Company pursuant to Companies Act 2016 (Akta Syarikat 2016)
    • Business pursuant to Business Registration Act 1956 (Akta Pendaftaran Perniagaan 1956)
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act 2012
    • A foreign company registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia pursuant to Section 332 of the Companies Act 1965
  • Business pursuant to Commercial License Ordinance 1948 (Ordinan Perlesenan Perdagangan 1948)
  • Any professional firms, such as law, audit, architect, and real estate firms registered either with or established in accordance with the respective statute or body governing that professional firm
  • Co-operative registered under Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) and pursuant to Co-Operative Societies Act 1993
How long should it take for registration to appear in WHOIS?
The WHOIS information will be available after the domain name registered. Applicant will receive an e-mail notification from MYNIC when the domain name is registered.
When can I start using my .BIZ.MY domain name?
The applicant can start to use their domain .BIZ.MY after the domain has been registered starting from 29 August 2020. Applicant will receive an e-mail notification from MYNIC when the domain name is registered.
How much is the registration fee for .BIZ.MY?
.BIZ.MY fees are same for Third Level Domain Names (3LD) of .MY at RM80 per year (excluding 6% service tax).
How many years can I register .BIZ.MY?
You can register the domain name up to 5 years. However, during Priority Entry, you can secure it for 1 year. For another four (4) years, you need to renew through your appointed Invoicing Party once .BIZ.MY is open to public.

.BIZ.MY For PRIME (Program Realisasi Impian Ekonomi Digital)

Siapakah yang layak untuk memohon .BIZ.MY melalui PRIME?
Who is eligible to apply .BIZ.MY under PRIME?
Permohonan .BIZ.MY di bawah PRIME dibuka untuk Perusahaan Kecil Sederhana Mikro (MSME). MSME merangkumi kategori Perusahaan Mikro, Kecil dan Sederhana seperti yang boleh dirujuk di SME Corp Malaysia.

.BIZ.MY registration under PRIME is open for Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME). MSME include the category of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises as defined by SME Corp Malaysia which is available here.
Apakah kebaikan mendapatkan .BIZ.MY melalui PRIME?
What are the benefits if getting .BIZ.MY under PRIME?
Pendaftaran .BIZ.MY melalui PRIME akan mendapat pakej GO2 Brand Standard* yang mempunyai perkhidmatan pemetaan (domain redirect) ke lima (5) aplikasi popular seperti WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps dan banyak lagi.
*Perkhidmatan pemetaan domain untuk .BIZ.MY hanya boleh didapati melalui permohonan di MYNIC sahaja.

The application under PRIME will bundle with domain mapping GO2 Brand Standard* which allow you to create sub-domain to five (5) applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps and many more.
*The domain mapping service for .BIZ.MY under PRIME applicable if you apply through MYNIC only.
Di mana saya boleh memohon?
Where can I apply?
Anda boleh memohon di halaman PRIME.

You can apply at PRIME page.
Apakah kod kupon yang boleh digunakan semasa memohon?
What is the coupon code to apply .BIZ.MY under PRIME?
Anda boleh memohon satu (1) .BIZ.MY untuk satu (1) tahun berserta pakej GO2 Brand Standard secara percuma dengan menggunakan kod kupon daripada agensi terpilih.

Jika tiada, anda boleh menggunakan kod “MYBIZ” semasa anda membuat permohonan di halaman PRIME.

You may apply one (1) year free .BIZ.MY with GO2 Brand Standard here using coupon code from selected agencies.

Else, you may use “MYBIZ” code when you apply at PRIME page.
Berapa lama tempoh promosi ini?
What is the duration of this .BIZ.MY promotion?
Tempoh promosi adalah mengikut budi bicara MYNIC.

The promotion period will be at MYNIC discretion.
Berapa banyak .BIZ.MY yang boleh saya mohon di bawah PRIME?
How many .BIZ.MY can I apply under PRIME?
Setiap MSME hanya layak memohon satu (1) secara percuma selama satu (1) tahun sepanjang tempoh promosi.
Pendaftaran baru .BIZ.MY berikutnya akan dikenakan yuran pendaftaran sebanyak RM80 setahun (tidak termasuk cukai perkhidmatan 6%).

Each MSME is eligible to apply for one (1) free for one (1) year throughout the promotion period.
New registration of subsequent .BIZ.MY will be charged at retail price of RM80 per year (excluding 6% service tax).
Berapa tahun saya boleh mendaftar .BIZ.MY melalui PRIME semasa tempoh promosi?
How many years can I register .BIZ.MY under PRIME during promotion?
Pendaftaran .BIZ.MY melalui PRIME dibenarkan hanya untuk tempoh 1 tahun sahaja. Yuran pembaharuan nama domain yang didaftarkan melalui PRIME akan dimaklumkan oleh MYNIC.

For registration through PRIME, it will be automatically registered for 1 year. Any subsequent renewal .BIZ.MY names under PRIME will be subject to fees notified by MYNIC.
Apakah yang harus saya lakukan selepas selesai membuat permohonan .BIZ.MY melalui PRIME?
What should I do next after applying?
Berikut adalah langkah-langkah yang perlu diambil:
  1. Anda akan menerima emel pengesahan permohonan.
  2. Hantar salinan sijil pendaftaran syarikat atau perniagaan kepada bagi pengesahan kelayakan.
  3. Pihak MYNIC akan memproses permohonan anda dan e-mel pengaktifan nama domain akan dihantar sekiranya permohonan anda berjaya.

  1. You should receive an email notification of the submitted application.
  2. You are required to email a copy of companies or businesses registration certificate to
  3. MYNIC will process your application and you will receive service activation email if your application is successful.
Bagaimana boleh saya mengetahui status permohonan?
How do I know my application status?
Anda akan menerima e-mel memaklumkan status permohonan berjaya/ditolak.

Should your application be approved/rejected, a notification email will be sent to you.
Sekiranya saya sudah mempunyai yang berdaftar, bolehkah saya memohon .BIZ.MY secara percuma di bawah PRIME?
If I am existing user, can I apply a new .BIZ.MY under PRIME?
Ya, dengan syarat anda adalah Perusahaan Mikro, Kecil dan Sederhana (PMKS) sepanjang tempoh promosi.

Yes, in the condition you are the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) throughout the promotion.

Priority Entry Period (PEP)

How long does the registration process take?
MYNIC will start processing your .BIZ.MY application after the priority entry period end (Please refer below timeline).

Applicant will receive an e-mail notification from MYNIC when the domain name is registered or rejected. MYNIC will refund the payment to the unsuccessful applicant.
Who is eligible to purchase .BIZ.MY during this Priority Entry?
.BIZ.MY is eligible to the existing domain holders of these 4 categories (.my,, and from business organisation/activities who have registered their 3rd level and 2nd level domain name by 15 August 2020.

Existing customers who have registered 1 to 3 characters domain names such as, and are also allowed to purchase .BIZ.MY during this priority entry.

Domain names which are pending MYDRP proceeding, delete or transfer request will not be entitled to purchase .BIZ.MY during this Priority Entry.

Domain names which are categorised as sensitive or reserved are not allowed to be registered under this .BIZ.MY.

Please refer here for details T&C.
When can I submit the application during this Priority Entry?
Applicant can start submitting their from 17 August 2020 until 28 August 2020.
What is the domain name that I can apply during this Priority Entry?
During this Priority Entry, you can only submit the application of .BIZ.MY which the name is exactly the same with your existing .my domain name. E.g.: ‘’ can only be registered as ‘’ and it is based on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
I have and someone else has Can both of us apply for during the Priority Entry?
Both registrants are entitled to apply .BIZ.MY during the Priority Entry. However, acceptance of the application will be based on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
What happens if I do not purchase my domain during the Priority Entry?
You may be missed the opportunity to protect your valuable brand for your business/organisation in .BIZ.MY category before we open the registration to the public.
What documents or information are needed to register .BIZ.MY during the Priority Entry?
MYNIC will use the exact information as your existing .my domain name and documentation will be required if necessary.