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Terms and Conditions of .BIZ.MY

1.0 Eligibility under .BIZ.MY

.BIZ.MY is open for business organisations/activities, the registration guidelines of which are as follows:

  1. Every third level registration will be considered a new registration.
  2. Each registrant must enter into an agreement with MYNIC in respect to the third level's registered and abide by the terms and conditions set by MYNIC.
  3. Registrants must not infringe upon any registered trademark in registering third level names.
  4. A third level chosen must not be identical or confusingly similar to either a registered trademark, business, or company name in Malaysia.
  5. A third level chosen must not infringe the rights of any third parties in relation to any applicable treaties or agreements.

The eligibility criteria for,, and .my domain name rules which are applicable for .BIZ.MY, is available by clicking HERE.

2.0 Priority Entry Period and Public Launch

  1. If you are an existing domain name registrant via the third level and second level and you meet the above eligibility criteria, you will be offered a two week Priority Entry Period to register your exact third level under the third level of .BIZ.MY.
  2. If you do not have any domain name, you may apply for a third level under .BIZ.MY during Public Launch after the priority entry period offered to existing registrants.

Priority Entry Period 

  1. 2-week Priority Entry Period. A window period for existing third and second level registrants to register the equivalent names as third level/s under .BIZ.MY before registration is opened to the public.
  2. Only registrants who have registered third and second level/s with MYNIC before or by 15 August 2020 and not pending a transfer or deletion process or not pending MYDRP-related proceedings at the time of application will be entitled to apply for third level/s .BIZ.MY during the Priority Entry Period. Applicants during this period must ensure that the chosen third level name is exactly the same as their currently registered third and second level '.my' domain name. E.g.: '' can only be registered as ''. No other extensions or variation will be allowed.
  3. Notwithstanding the Registration Agreement, registrations during this period will be on a first come first served basis. All applications will be collected, processed, and will be activated after the Priority Entry period.
  4. MYNIC reserves the right to refund fees to applicants whose applications have been rejected during the Priority Entry period.
  5. It is not compulsory for third and second level domain registrants to register within this window period.

Public Launch

  1. During public launch, registrations will be opened to all business organisations/activities that are registered in Malaysia.
  2. Applications during this period will be processed on a first come first served basis. Applicants will have to submit the necessary supporting documents as required by the MYNIC terms and conditions.
  3. The applicant may apply for any number of third level/s during the registration.

3.0 Prohibitions

All third level applications under .BIZ.MY are subject to the following prohibitions:-

  1. the use of country or state names, whether in Bahasa Malaysia or English,
  2. the use of religious-sensitive words in Bahasa Malaysia or English such as "Islam", "Christianity", "Buddha" or "Hindu",
  3. the use of whole or part of words that are offensive, scandalous, indecent, obscene or contrary to Malaysian norms,
  4. the use of words such as "bank", "finance company" or derivatives of these words in other languages for registrants not involved in the finance or banking sectors. (except with prior written approval from Central Bank of Malaysia pursuant to section 139 of the Financial Services Act 2013).
  5. the use of names that might suggest a link to the Royal Family or Royal patronage of Malaysia.

4.0 .BIZ.MY third level applications and registrations by MYNIC and Resellers

  1. All applications made during the Priority Entry Period will be handled by MYNIC.
  2. All applications made during the Public Launch will be handled by MYNIC and its appointed resellers. The Resellers are to guide the applicants through each step of registration process and also collect the relevant payments. They usually offer non-MYNIC-related domain name services such as name hosting and data services and sometimes bundle the registration service with their other products and/or services. It would be best to shop around for the best offer/package that suits your needs. MYNIC charges should be stated clearly on all invoices and bills, distinct from any charges that the Reseller may impose for other services you may purchase from them. MYNIC is not responsible for these other services supplied by the Resellers. For list of MYNIC resellers, please visit HERE.
  3. Registration of third level .BIZ.MY
    Timely payment of annual fees and abiding by MYNIC's Agreement HERE as well MYNIC's existing policies and procedures HERE should enable continuous use of the registered third level .BIZ.MY name.
  4. MYNIC reserves the right to revoke the domain name at any time should MYNIC find any information supplied in your application to be incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate or should MYNIC find that the third level .BIZ.MY name infringes MYNIC's policies and terms and conditions.
  5. If there are any disputes with regards to the third level .BIZ.MY registered by MYNIC, the issue will be handled in accordance to the MYNIC Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. This service is run by the Asian International Arbitration Centre. The registrant can also have the choice of negotiating with the related parties, litigating the matter in court or through mediation or arbitration.

5.0 Fees, Payment and other Services

  1. All third level .BIZ.MY registrations have a recommended retail price of RM80 per year.
  2. Each registration must be renewed annually. Please refer to MYNIC or your selected Reseller on all payments.
  3. An e-mail renewal notice will be sent by the Invoicing Party to inform you when your domain name is up for renewal. For details on your Invoicing Party check out our WHOIS service.
  4. You can look up your domain name's expiry date on our WHOIS service.
  5. Should your application be rejected, a notification will be sent to you and the Reseller whom you have applied with.
  6. MYNIC reserves the right to amend and supplement these terms and conditions of from time to time, without any further notice to you.