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What is Premium Domain Names (PDN)?
Premium domain names is usually a domain with short, easier to spell, easier to remember or have catchy names. Here are some examples:
  • single character:,,,
  • two characters:,,
  • three characters:,,
  • domain name that forms a word with .my: ,,
  • top dictionary keywords (Bahasa and English):,
What is the difference between a premium domain and a regular domain?
Premium domain names have the potential to become popular web addresses with strong branding opportunities. Thus, it is valued higher than regular domain names.
Who is eligible to apply for a PDN?
All Malaysian individuals, companies and organisations are eligible. Foreign companies with local presence in Malaysia are also eligible. However, the eligibility slightly varies across different extensions of PDNs. For more information, please refer to “Supporting Documents” section here.
How do I check whether the domain names I intend to register is available?
When the bid starts, you may check the available PDNs here.
Will I be bounded by any agreements?
For terms & conditions, please refer to our Terms & Conditions here.
What extensions of PDNs may I apply for?
You may apply for .my,,, and extensions.
How to get a PDN?
From time to time, we will open the bid here. You may place your bid and proceed with domain registration if you win.
How to place a bid?
First of all, you need to register here. Place your bid and proceed with payment.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
Just click the login icon and click “Forgot Your Password?”. Enter your registered email and follow the next instructions.
How long will the bid open?
The duration of each bidding round will be displayed at the home page.
What is the base price?
Base price is the minimum price for you to bid. Different category will have different base price. Please refer the pricing terms in the bidding process below.
How much is the bid fee?
RM20 or 5% (whichever is higher) of the bid deposit. Bid fee is non-refundable.
How much should I pay to bid a PDN?
First, you need to pay for the deposit (10% of the bid price) and the bid fee. If you win, you need to pay for the balance of the bid price.
What is the overall price for me to own a PDN?
You have to pay for the bid price, bid fee and domain registration fee.
Can you explain more about the pricing terms in the bidding process?
Here is the pricing summary based on different PDN categories:
Base price: Minimum price for each category
Bid deposit: 10% from the bid price
Bid fee: RM20 or 5% (whichever is higher) from the bid deposit
Bid price: The price that you are willing to pay if you win
Can you provide more examples of the calculation?
For example, Bidder A bids RM500 for During bidding application:
a. Bid fee: RM20 (non-refundable)
b. Bid deposit: RM50 (refundable)
Total amount: RM70

Case 1: Bidder win the domain name Amount to be paid are (a+b):
a. Balance: RM450 (the balance of bid price = RM500-RM50)
b. Domain name registration fee: RM120 (.my) or RM80 (,,,

Case 2: Unsuccessful bidder
Amount to be refunded:
a. Bid deposit: RM50
What is the maximum price for me to place a bid?
The maximum price is RM20,000 for all categories.
Is there a bidding submission limit?
There is no limit. You can bid multiple times either for a new or for the same PDNs. However, please keep in mind that you have to pay the bid fee every time you bid.
Let say if you want to bid the same domain for the second time, you need to pay for bid fee twice.
How do you select the winning bidder?
The selection of the bidders is based on the highest bid amount. The winning bidder will be on first come first served basis in the event there are multiple bidders submit exact highest bid amount. For more information, please refer to the terms & conditions.
How do I know if I win or lose?
You will get an email notification if you win/lose. You may also view the result at the MYNIC Premium Domain Name portal.
I win! What should I do next?
Congrats! If you are the winner, you have to pay the balance within 3 days upon notification of the successful bid via email.

Next, proceed to register and pay for the domain name registration fees of .my at RM120* or,,, at RM80* to secure your domain name.

If full payment is not received, the bid deposit will be forfeited, and the domain will go to the next highest bidder.

*Domain name registration fees are NOT inclusive of 6% service tax.
If I win, does it mean I already owned the PDN?
No. You still have to proceed to domain registration.
Will I get my refund back if my bidding is not successful?
Yes, you will get your bid deposit back. If you lose a bid, your refund within 14 working days after the bidding period ends. It will be refunded to your registered bank account.

Please take note that bid fee is not refundable.
Can I cancel my bids?
No. Bidders are not allowed to withdraw bids.
Will the bidders receive any alerts during the bid period?
Yes, you will receive email notifications for activities related to the bidding.
How do I pay bids?
Bidders can only make bidding payments by online payment.
If I experienced any payment issues such as rejection and refund transactions, who should be referred?
If you faced any problems with online payment, please contact your bank and email us at
If my bidding failed in the first round, can I bid again in the next round?
Yes, you can.
Does the premium domain bidding price include the renewal of domain names?
No, it does not include domain names renewal fees.
I noticed my domain name is opened for bidding. Who do I report the abuse to?
Please send an email to for any abuse-related queries.
Who do I contact for support (eg: unable to login/register account; payment issue)?
For support related queries, please email us at