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What is Premium Domain Names (PDN)?
Premium domain names is usually a domain with short, easier to spell, easier to remember or have catchy names. Here are some examples:
  • single character:,,,
  • two characters:,,
  • three characters:,,
  • domain name that forms a word with my (my Rhyme):: ,,
  • top dictionary keywords (Bahasa and English):,
What is the difference between a premium domain and a regular domain?
Premium domain names have the potential to become popular web addresses with strong branding opportunities. Thus, it is valued higher than regular domain names.
Who is eligible to participate in the PDN Live bidding exercise?
All Malaysian individuals, companies and organisations are eligible. Foreign companies with local presence in Malaysia are also eligible. However, the eligibility for domain name registration varies across different extensions of PDNs in terms of supporting documents. For more information, please refer to “Supporting Documents” section here.
What are the extensions of PDNs that will be available in the bidding exercise?
Only .my,,, and extensions are available.
How can I participate in the bidding exercise?
Once MYNIC announces the date of PDN bidding exercise and publishes the list of PDNs on its corporate website, you can register to participate in the bidding exercise as recommended below:
  • Fill in PDN Live Bidding Registration Form.
  • Select the domain name that you would like to bid.
  • Make Bid Deposit payment of RM200.00 using Credit Card. Other payment method is not acceptable.
  • Receive an email included with a bidding event invitation link from MYNIC the day before the bidding session once the bidding registration completes.
How much do I need to pay to participate in the bidding exercise?
You need to pay a total of RM200.00 for bid deposit at PDN Live Bidding Registration Form during bidding registration. Only bid deposit via credit card payment method is accepted.
Is the bid deposit refundable?
The bid deposit will be refunded to the losing bidders but not the winners. The bid deposit by the winners will be used to deduct the total bid price that the winners need to pay (the bid price is inclusive of the first year of the domain registration fee). The winners must pay the total bid price to MYNIC within 3 business days after official notification from MYNIC. If failing to do so, the bid deposit paid by the successful bidder will be forfeited, and the bid PDN will revert to the MYNIC PDN pool for the next bid cycle.
When will I receive the invitation on the bidding session?
You will receive an email included with an invitation link from MYNIC the day before the bidding session.
Can the bidder invite other team members to join the bidding session?
Each bidder can bring one team member to join the bidding session. Please provide the team member’s basic information (Guest’s Full Name and Email Address). However, during the bidding session, only the bidder can make the bid. Any bidding made by the team member is not counted.
When is the closing date to register for the bidding session?
The closing date to register for the bidding exercise is 5 days after the first day of registration opens.
How does a PDN Live Bidding begin?
All bidders are invited to join the Live Bidding session via invitation link 10-15 minutes ahead of the proposed start time in order to allow time to resolve any technical difficulties prior to the start. In the beginning of the session, the moderator will begin by explaining the format of the online auction and will run through any housekeeping rules. The bidding begins when the listed PDN will then be introduced by a licensed auctioneer.
How do I make a bid?
Before the bidding session starts, we encourage the use of your full name so as we know who you are. The auctioneer will announce the bidder’s names along with the bids for transparency. During the bidding session, if you are interested in making a bid on a PDN, you are only allowed to use the chat function to submit a bid. Please submit your bid to all attendees (“Everyone”) in the chat for transparency. Please be aware, online live bidding can take a little more time than public biddings/auctions, as it takes a few seconds to identify each unique bidder.
How do I change my screen name?
The “Rename” function is accessed by clicking the “Participants” icon and then clicking on your current name in the list of participants, then choosing “Rename”.
How long will the online bidding session be conducted?
The online bidding session will take within 2 hours long.
How many domain names can each eligible bidder bid for?
There is no limit. You can bid multiple times either for a new or for the same PDNs.
What is the minimum increment for the bidding?
The minimum increment for each PDN extension is listed below:
CategoriesBase PriceBid Increment
3 characters Domain Names (not a dictionary word)RM500RM100
2 characters Domain Names (not a dictionary word)RM1,000
Single character and any domain names that form a word with -myRM3,000
Domain name with popular dictionary words (BM/English)RM1,500
How do you select the winning bidder during the bidding session?
The selection of the bidders is based on the highest bid amount announced by the auctioneer. The winning bidder will be selected on a first come first served basis in the event there are multiple bidders with identical bid amounts.
How much should I pay to bid a PDN?
First, you need to pay for the bid deposit (RM200.00). If you win the bid, you need to pay for bid price to own the bid PDN. The bid deposit will be automatically deducted from the total bid price. Please note that the bid price is inclusive of first year of domain name registration fee and all payments need to be done online.
Can you provide examples of the calculation?
For example, Bidder A is interested to bid During bidding registration, Bidder A pays RM200 for bid deposit.

Case 1: Bidder A wins the bidding of with highest bid price of RM600. Amount to be paid are:
a. Balance: RM400 (The balance of bid price = RM600 – RM200)
Total amount to be paid to MYNIC = RM400.00

However, if Bidder A fails to make payment of RM400.00, the bid deposit of RM200.00 will be forfeited.

*Bid price is inclusive of first year of domain name registration fee.

Case 2: Bidder A lose the bidding of Amount to be refunded to Bidder A:
a. Bid deposit: RM200
When can the winner register the domain name?
Once the winner pays the full bid price, the winner will receive an email guidance to fill in the Domain Name Registration form and provide supporting documents to MYNIC Customer Care Department ( to complete the domain name registration process.
If I win, What should I do next?
Congratulations! If you are the winner, you must pay full bid price within 3 business days upon the notification of the successful bid via email. If full payment is not received, the bid deposit will be forfeited, and the domain will go to MYNIC PDN list.
If I win, does it mean I already owned the PDN?
No, you need to complete the domain name registration process before own the PDN. All the winners must provide filled Domain Name Registration Form and relevant supporting documents within 14 days to MYNIC, to complete the registration of the PDN.
Is there any waiting period before I can transfer my domain to another registrant?
You may transfer the domain to another registrant only after the registration of that domain name is complete.
Can the winner cancel their bids?
The winner can cancel their bids. However, the bid deposit by the winner will be forfeited and the bid PDN will revert to the MYNIC PDN list.
If my bidding for one domain name failed, can I bid for other domain names?
Yes, you can.
Does the premium domain bidding price include the renewal of domain names?
No, it does not include domain names renewal fees.
What is the bid deposit refund process?
The bid deposit will be refunded to the losing bidders after the live bidding event. It is highly recommended that you pay a bid deposit using a credit card as the refund for non-credit card payments will take longer time. Refund will be made to you within 7 to 14 business days after the bidding period ends, depending on the type of online payment solution used as below:

  • Credit card or debit card – within 3 to 5 business days
  • E-wallet – within 7 business days
  • FPX (Online banking) – within 7 to 14 business days
We will send an email to notify you after we successfully refund the bid deposit to your bank account. You need to ensure you have provided MYNIC with the correct, accurate and complete bank account information.
Can I bid for any available Premium Domain Names (PDNs)?
You can bid for any PDN that is stated in the list of PDNs published in MYNIC corporate website for the upcoming PDN bidding exercise.
What is the maximum price for me to place a bid?
There is no maximum price for you to place a bid.
When is the next bidding cycle?
The Live Bidding session in September 2022 is the last and final round. MYNIC will announce the new edition of MY Premium Domain Names soon on MYNIC corporate website and social media platforms.
Will I be bounded by any agreements?
For Terms & Conditions, please refer to it here.
If I experienced any payment issues such as rejection and refund transactions, who should be referred?
If you faced any problems with online payment, please contact your bank and email us at
Who do I contact for support (eg: unable to login/register account; payment issue)?
For support related queries, please email us at