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Terms and Conditions

1.0 Introduction

  1. This document sets out MYNIC's terms and conditions for Premium Domain Names (“PDN”).
  2. PDN are ".my" second level category (.my) or third level category (e.g., names that are limited in quantity. These PDN may consist of special features as follows:
    • single character; e.g.,,,
    • domain name that form a word with .my; e.g. ,
    • two (2) characters; e.g.,,, etc.;
    • three (3) characters; e.g.,,; or
    • top dictionary keywords (Bahasa and English); e.g.,
  3. To ensure an orderly process in the application of PDN, MYNIC will conduct a Bidding Exercise to allow the qualified parties to bid for the said PDN.
  4. For the purpose of this policies and procedures, the following terms and conditions shall have the meaning as defined below:
    • "Applicant" or "Bidder" shall refer to the individual or organisation intending to bid and apply for the registration of PDN.
    • "Base Price" shall refer to the minimum price for each PDN as detailed in Annexure A.
    • "Bidding Period" shall refer to the number of days the PDN is open for bidding and shall be published on MYNIC’s website and official social media.
    • "Bidding Exercise" shall refer to the process where the PDN is officially open for bidding and will also be announced on MYNIC’s website and official social media.
    • "Bid Price" shall refer to the price offered by Bidders in the Bidding Exercise of PDN.
    • "Premium Domain Name(s)" or "PDN(s)" shall have the meaning assigned to it in Para 1.2 above.
    • “Bid Increment” shall refer to the increment sum as mentioned in Annexure A herein.
    • “Bid Deposit” shall mean the amount held by MYNIC during Bidding Exercise and is 10% of the Bid Price. This amount will be refunded to unsuccessful bidders.
    • “Bid Fee” shall refer to a processing fee for the Bidding Exercise, amounting to RM20 or 5% of the Bid Deposit (whichever is higher), which is non-refundable.
    • “Registration Fee for Domain Name” means a sum payable for registration of the PDN as mentioned in Annexure B herein.
    • “Maximum Bid Price” refers to the maximum Bid Price of RM20,000 per PDN.
  5. MYNIC reserves the right to amend and supplement these terms and conditions from time to time, without any further notice.

2.0 Bidding for PDN

  1. Frequency of Bidding Exercise: PDN Bidding Exercise will be conducted twice a month (or as and when announced by MYNIC). The Bidding Exercise will be done on MYNIC’s Bidding system.
  2. Submission: The Bidder intending to take part in this Bidding Exercise must:
    • submit an online application in MYNIC’s Bidding system within the Bidding Period, (as indicated in the Bidding Exercise announcement);
    • submit to MYNIC the Bidder’s full name, company name, valid email address and telephone number;
    • pay Bid Deposit 10% of the Bid Price;
    • pay Bid Fee at RM20 or 5% of the Bid Deposit (whichever is higher).
  3. Eligibility Criteria: the Bidders intending to take part in the Bidding Exercise must confirm that they meet the prevailing eligibility criteria for the relevant domain name category as stated in MYNIC's Registration Eligibility and agree to MYNIC’s Agreement for Registration of Domain Names
  4. The Winner: The winner with highest bid that fulfilled the eligibility criteria shall be notified by MYNIC via email on the next business day after the closing of the Bidding Period. The unsuccessful Bidder shall be notified via email accordingly. Balance of Bid Price must be paid to MYNIC within 3 business days after notification from MYNIC, failing which the Bid Deposit paid by the successful bidder will be forfeited. The PDN shall be awarded to the second highest bidder if the balance of Bid Price is not paid by the winner. If second highest bidder fails to pay the balance of Bid Price, the Bid Deposit paid by the second highest bidder will be forfeited and the PDN will revert to pool of PDN.

3.0 Domain Name Registration 

The successful bidder must provide all information, supporting documents and registration fee within 14 days to MYNIC, to complete the registration of the PDN.

  1. Renewal: The successful bidder shall be responsible for the renewal of the domain name upon the expiration from the initial registration date. The renewal fee will be based on normal price of the respective domain name category.
  2. Termination: The domain name can be terminated in accordance with the Agreement for the Registration of Domain Name
  3. Notwithstanding the above, MYNIC reserves the right to revoke the PDN registration at any time should MYNIC find any information supplied in your application to be incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate.

4.0 Additional Information

  1. The terms and conditions stipulated above are in addition to the existing MYNIC’s Agreement for Registration of Domain Names with purpose to facilitate the bidding exercise for PDN. All other terms and conditions in MYNIC’s Agreement for Registration of Domain Names shall remain unchanged, enforceable and legally binding.

5.0  Limitation of Liability

  1. To the full extent permitted by law, MYNIC shall not be liable until and unless MYNIC’s gross negligence or wilful misconduct is proven. MYNIC will not be held liable for any direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages or loss of profits, whether contractual, tort or otherwise arising of or resulting from the registration or use of a Premium Domain Name or to the use of its website, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damages, including but not limited to decisions taken by MYNIC to register or not to register a PDN on the basis of the findings of MYNIC or any other regulatory authorities as well as the consequences of those decisions.
  2. To the full extent permitted by law, subject to Para 5.1 above, the limit of MYNIC’s liability, whether in Agreement, tort, negligence, statute or otherwise, concerning any claims brought against it by the successful bidder , will not in aggregate exceed the total sum of the registration fee paid by the successful bidder for the affected PDN.

6.0  Payment and Refund

  1. All sums payable to MYNIC must be paid by way of online payment:
    • Bid Deposit and Bid Fee
    • Remaining Balance of Bid Price (after deducting Bid Deposit) and registration fee of the domain name according to its category
  2. All notices by MYNIC to any Bidder shall be sent via email.
  3. Refund to unsuccessful bidders will be made within 14 business days after the bidding period ends. Email notification will be sent upon successful refund, provided that MYNIC has received all complete and correct information for refund.


Premium Domain Name Categories Base Price Bid Increment Bid Fee
3 characters Domain Names not a dictionary word (Bahasa Malaysia or English) (eg., RM500 RM50 RM20 or 5% of Bid Deposit (whichever higher)
2 characters Domain Names not a dictionary word (Bahasa Malaysia or English) (eg., RM1,000 RM100
2-3 characters and/or more than 4 characters Domain names consist of common/generic dictionary words (Bahasa Malaysia or English) (eg.,,,,, etc) RM1,500 RM150
Single character domain names (eg. , & any domain names that form a word with .my (eg.,,, RM3,000 RM300

Note: All prices above are in Ringgit Malaysia. The prices above exclude the applicable registration fee per domain name payable to MYNIC.


Category of Domain Name Price Per Domain Name/Year
(excluding 6% Service Tax)
.my RM120,,, RM80