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3 Improvements To Make It Easier For You

Dear Awesome Customer,

Thank you for your encouraging feedback. We always listen to these inputs to give our best service to you. 

Starting 12th November 2015, we are introducing three improvements to make it easier for you when using MYNIC Domain Management System (DMS).

1- Remove Contact Code

Confused when looking for contact code? Worry no more as now we are removing the contact code requirement when you log in. So now you can manage your domain simpler and faster.

2- Shorten TAC Number

Just like domain names, shorter is better. Same goes to our TAC number as you will see only 6 digits instead of 8 previously. Like our favorite phrase “make it short and sweet”

3- Change in Domain Management System URL

Some may have difficulties when accessing the DMS using latest version of Firefox or Chrome browser. Therefore we have changed the DMS URL from to Last but not least, don’t forget to update your bookmark with this new URL. 

Thank you.


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