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Another Improvement To Make It Easier For You

Dear Awesome Customers,

Another month, another improvement as we strive to give our best service to you. On 9th December 2015, we have introduced another upgrade to make it easier for you when using MYNIC Domain Management System (DMS).

Enhancements in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is an important security process to confirm the identity of an authorised user. Previously, only one mobile number registration is possible and this has caused some limitations in managing DMS effectively. With our new enhancements, you may register up to six mobile numbers to receive the TAC and make DNS modification. But it does not stops there. Other new useful features include:

  • Option to assign your ‘Default’ (or primary) mobile number
  • Option to choose which mobile number that will receive the TAC
  • Option to select either one TAC for multiple transactions within a session or one TAC for every transaction, and
  • Easy steps to add or delete mobile number

Let us know if you need further improvements and email us at

Thank you.


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