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MYNIC Privacy Policy is now MYNIC Data Protection Policy

Dear Customers,

Effective 15 June 2021, MYNIC has combined both Privacy and Whois Policies, made some changes and we have renamed it as the Data Protection Policy which you can access HERE, making it easier for you to understand the information we collect, use and share, as well as providing you with options for how we handle your information. The scope has been expanded and improved to include Whois, and additional sections on Access to Personal Data, Accuracy and Protection of Minors.

We have also made some changes to the Registrant Agreement which includes the Registrant’s consent to the disclosure and publication of the Registration information to MYNIC. The Registrant Agreement can accessed HERE.

Here are some of the important changes made:

  • We explain the purposes in which MYNIC collects your personal data
  • We added new sub-paragraphs for WHOIS information, what WHOIS service is, for MYDRP, for Service Providers and Legal requirements
  • We may retain your personal data for such period as maybe determined
  • We would like to ensure that you are able to keep your personal data accurate and up to date
  • We added that children under 18 years are generally not eligible to use MYNIC’s services without their parents or guardians’ consent
  • We would like Internet users to understand the objective of MYNIC collecting their personal data
  • We explain what activities from the public are prohibited when using MYNIC’s WHOIS

MYNIC will not sell your personal data to any other third party as we continue to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of Malaysia. 

You can always log into MYNIC SELFCARE portal HERE to check the accuracy of your personal data and to update your contact information.

If you require further details, please refer to the FAQ or contact us through email at, live chat or call  1300-88-7277.

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