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Preparation For A More Resilient Internet – Are You Ready For DNS Flag Day?

SELANGOR, Seri Kembangan, 31 January 2019 – Year 2019 is a very exciting time for Malaysia, as a growing digital economy needs a strong support structure and ecosystem to thrive. As businesses in Malaysia look for better and faster ways to leverage on the ICT revolution and transform themselves, technologies such as Domain Name have a crucial role to play.

The digital economy has raised customers expectations and brought disruption to every industry. Businesses today are realizing the need to deliver exceptional experience by responding to their customers’ needs with greater agility and speed.

Systems and software need to be at the core of every organisations DNA as it enables them to transform digitally and take full advantage of latest technologies.

It is crucial for companies to integrate the latest system and software and into all aspects of their operations. This will require agility across the business, and a mindset shift in how businesses use technology and build system to deliver unique value to their customers.

On 1st of February 2019, domain names resolution will be having a global transformation that are designed so that Domain Name System (DNS) operations slightly efficient, and also allow developers to deploy new functionality including new mechanisms to protect against DDoS attacks.

The DNS translates the domain names to IP addresses for browsers, digital applications and online services to load the Internet resources to your web browser, email, mobile application and etc.

DNS software and service providers globally will remove accommodations for non-compliant DNS implementations from their software or services, on this date. This change will affect only sites operating non-compliant software.

Domain Name Resolution will be affected if you are using non-compliant DNS servers. These services may become unreachable, slow to access or intermittently unavailable.

We urge all domain holder to ensure further sustainability of the system and it is time to end these accommodations and remediate the non-compliant systems.

We recommend to all to take an action to validate your Domain Name to ensure your website is not affected by the DNS Flag Day. This affects any domain name that you use including your .MY domain name. Your domains must be compliant to make sure it remains accessible starting from tomorrow.

These changing rhythms will help in building our societies to become more resilient and sustainable. Whether we are ready for this digital transformation or not, technology is becoming more intertwined in our everyday lives

MYNIC is the registry that manages .my and is currently working closely with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to monitor the situation and will be vigilant to minimise any disruption to any online and Internet services during this switch over on 1st February 2019.

For further information, organisations, businesses or individuals with .MY domain name can contact MYNIC for assistance thru email

To know more about The DNS Flag Day, please go to

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