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Lightning Talk – DNS Abuse Handing in the New Era: A Child Abuse Content Perspective

DNS abuse has been occurring since the early days of the Internet, and now it is affecting the daily lives of many Internet users around the world. Therefore, DNS abuse must be resolved to provide the people of the world a safer and more stable Internet.
However, content abuse is an area which is very difficult to tackle and combat because it involves conflicting areas like freedom of expression, business interests, children welfare, individual and organizational rights, etc. The nature of the Internet is speed. Anything that gets uploaded to the internet has a tendency to spread like wildfire, and it also means that damage made to child sexual abuse victims is faster and harder. As such, the effect of the damage is also longer lasting and heightens the risk with re-occurrence time and time again.
This time we will be touching on something more fundamental, and more important. That is Child Sexual Abuse Content Processing. There are many child sexual abuse materials going around the global internet, and criminals are commercializing such actions and materials. NETalent believes, as a member of the Internet user community, a member of ICANN’s contractual party, and an entity in this world, we have the corporate social responsibility to step up and process this kind of unethical and immoral behaviors. NETalent would like to invite experts in different fields to a panel discussion on this matter, and if possible, to find a common ground for all interested parties to participate and protect our children and every child thereafter.


Sabrina Lim



Hong-Fu (Tom) Meng

NETalent and Net-Chinese


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