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.my is the True Malaysian Domain - Press Release

SERI KEMBANGAN, Selangor, 18th February 2015 - In the rise of new domain names, it is important for individuals and businesses to decide on the right online identity for them, and choosing a Malaysian identity now bears greater significance than ever before.

.my has long been associated with the image of a Malaysian identity.  MYNIC emphasizes that .my domain name is the one and only Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) representing Malaysia.  MYNIC is the only authorised and sole administrator for .my, which is endorsed by all stakeholders, and recognized by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). “Since our inception 28 years ago, .my has served more than half a million citizens and businesses, providing them the true Malaysian identity online.  We realized that from handling millions of Internet traffics from all over the world,  people appreciate knowing who you really are and where are you from.” said Hasnul Fadhly Hasan, Chief Executive Officer MYNIC. Responding on price positioning which remain the same all these years, Hasnul explains that .my domain name's fee is as low as RM32 a year, and it usually varies from each reseller to encourage more value-added services such as hosting and e-commerce stores. Last year's promotion saw a RM9.90 price-tag, which was highly competitive as compared to the global market. .my is currently being offered as a free domain name for tertiary students in Malaysia under the I’m CEO program.  It is designed for students to explore the challenging world of online businesses. The ultimate goal is to expose them with the necessary knowledge and tools on Internet identity and online businesses to enable them to compete in the ever changing online business. "While some domain name providers focuses on the business angle only, I can assure you, .my is exclusively driven to serve the public interest and Malaysia's Internet community as the whole.” said Hasnul. In terms of brand and trademark protection, MYNIC also offers .my Dispute Resolution Policy (myDRP) which provides simple, fast and affordable resolution of .my domain name disputes. Hasnul added, “Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was formed primarily to safeguard consumers’ rights regarding their personal data. MYNIC respects the right to personal data protection in both principle and compliance to the PDPA Policy.” On the matter of the ease of registration, Hasnul further highlighted that the documentations required during a domain registration is a crucial step to validate and ensure that it is owned by a Malaysian or a legally operating business. The simple validation is designed to reduce fraud and abuse cases thus protecting the online consumers. This is one of the main reasons why .my is a trusted brand to the Internet community. Moving forward, MYNIC is working closely with other registry bodies such as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) to further simplify the registration process for the benefit of it's customers. "I understand that with the waves of new gTLDs, people now have more choices, but we Malaysians know .my story better than others. Knowing this, people should be aware of recent news claiming other domain as representing Malaysia, which is a clear misrepresentation of Malaysia.” said Hasnul. -END-

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