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Domain Name Dispute

A domain name dispute is a dispute between the registrant (“Respondent”) of a domain name and another party (“Complainant”) concerning who has the right to the registration and/or use of the domain name in question


MYDRP is an administrative process designed to provide simple, fast and affordable resolution of .my domain name disputes. MYDRP governs the terms of resolving a dispute between the Respondent of a .my domain name and the Complainant over the Respondent’s registration and/or use of a domain name.

Where a Complainant can successfully prove (1) that the disputed domain name is identical/similar to a trade or service mark of the Complainant, and (2) that the Respondent registered and/or used the disputed domain name in “bad faith”, subject to the Respondent proving its rights and legitimate interests in the disputed domain name, the registration of the disputed domain name will be transferred to the Complainant or deleted.

The four documents governing the MYDRP are:

You can also view a flowchart of the MYDRP process.

Role of MYNIC in the dispute process

MYNIC does not play a role in the dispute resolution process other than to enforce the decisions passed to MYNIC by the Provider in accordance with the MYDRP Policy and Rules.

The meaning of "bad Faith" in the context of the registration/use of a domain name

In submitting a complaint, the Complainant must establish that the Respondent registered and/or is using a domain name in bad faith. Examples of bad faith include registration or use of the domain name by the Respondent to sell the domain name for profit to the Complainant, or registration or use of the domain name to disrupt a Complainant’s business.

The Respondent in turn, may defend his/her use of the domain name, by establishing rights and legitimate interests in the domain name, for example, the fact that the Respondent has been known by the domain name.

(For more information, please refer to paragraph 6.1 and 7.2 of MYDRP Policy).