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MYDRP Dispute Procedures

Role of provider in Malaysia

Provider is a body that offers domain name dispute resolution services in accordance with the MYDRP Policy and Rules.

A Provider will manage the entire domain name dispute resolution process, including receiving all relevant documents from the Complainant and Respondent, appointing the persons (Panellists) who will make the decision in respect of a Complaint, communicating with the Complainant, Respondent, Panellists and MYNIC Berhad.

For .my domain name disputes, the Provider is the Asian International Arbitration Centre ( They can be reached at tel: +603-2271 1000, fax: +603-2271 1010 and e-mail:

Role MYNIC plays in the dispute resolution process

MYNIC does not play a role in the dispute resolution process other than to enforce the decisions passed to MYNIC by the Provider in accordance with the MYDRP Policy and Rules.

Initiating Proceeding

The Complainant initiates a Proceeding by submitting a complaint in respect of the Respondent’s registration and/or use of a domain name to the Provider. The Complainant then pays the Provider the fees, following which the Provider sends the complaint to the Respondent.

The Respondent in turn submits a response to the Provider. The response must specify why the Respondent should be allowed to keep the registration and use of the domain name(s). The Complainant may reply to the response, after which a Panel will be appointed by the Provider to decide the Proceeding.

Modifications request by Provider for the Complaint

When the Provider finds a complaint incomplete or not in compliance with the MYDRP Policy and Rules, the Provider will notify the Complainant accordingly. A Complainant has 5 working days to make the necessary corrections and resubmit the complaint to the Provider.

Language(s) in proceedings

Proceedings are conducted in either Bahasa Melayu or English. The Panel however, will accept evidence in languages other than the above, as long as it is accompanied by a duly certified translation of the evidence in either Bahasa Melayu or English.

Alternatives to these proceedings

We encourage the Complainant and Respondent to attempt to resolve the dispute among themselves before commencing a Proceeding. In cases where the Complainant and Respondent fail to do so and do not want to resolve the dispute by way of a Proceeding, the domain name dispute can be resolved by proceedings before a Malaysian Court, arbitration or through any other dispute resolution process agreed to by the Complainant and Respondent. These alternatives may be sought at any time, regardless of whether the Proceeding has commenced, concluded or otherwise.

Respondent are not allowed to transfer registration of the domain name to a third party during a proceeding

The Respondent cannot transfer the registration of a domain name to any third party during the Proceeding and 15 working days after conclusion of the same (Please refer to paragraph 17 of MYDRP Policy for further details).

Can a complainant "settle" the domain name dispute with the respondent?

If the Complainant and Respondent agree on a settlement, they must immediately inform the Provider and/or the Panel as provided in the MYDRP Rules (please refer to rule 19.1), so long as it is before a decision is made by the Panel. The Complainant and Respondent must supply the Panel and/or Provider with a written and signed agreement of the settlement. Once the Panel and/or Provider receive the agreement, the Proceeding will be terminated.

Panellists Details

Our MYDRP Policy and Rules necessitate that Providers maintain and publish a list of its Panellists on its web site. The list must specify Panellists’ qualifications and contact details.

Total of Panellists in a proceeding

Either one or three Panellists will conduct a Proceeding. The Complainant has a choice of having the Proceeding decided by either a single-member or three-member Panel. Additionally, where the Complainant has chosen a single-member Panel, the Respondent may choose to have the Proceeding decided by a three-member Panel, subject to the Respondent paying for half of the Fees for the three-member Panel.

Panel deciding a proceeding

The Panel decides a Proceeding upon reviewing the documents and evidence submitted by the Parties, the MYDRP Policy and Rules as well as any other rules and principles of the relevant applicable law. The Panel is not bound by previous decisions of other Panels.

Panellists are impartial and fair in deciding the Proceeding

Each Panellist is required to supply the Provider with a Declaration of Impartiality and Independence. This Declaration will be evidence of the Panellist’s impartiality and independence in deciding a Proceeding.

"In-person Hearings"

Examples of in-person hearings are telephone, video or web conferences. In-person hearings are generally disallowed during a Proceeding, except in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, the Panel will decide if it’s necessary to conduct in-person hearings, and even then only when both Parties are present.

Panel's decision

The Panel will forward its decision to the Provider within 14 working days after it has received the file containing the Complaint, Response and/or Reply from the Provider. The Provider will then inform the Parties and MYNIC Berhad Panel’s of the decision for its further action. The decision will then be published in full over the Internet by the Provider.

Respondent is not satisfied with the panel's decision

In such an event, the Respondent may commence court action or any alternative dispute resolution process against the Complainant with respect to the subject matter of the Proceeding. This must be done within 10 working days from the date the Provider informs MYNIC Berhad of the Panel’s decision, failing which, MYNIC Berhad will proceed to implement the decision of the Panel.

Complainant are not allowed to claim an award of damages or payment of compensation from the respondent as a part of a proceeding

Any claim for damages or compensation must be made through either court action or arbitration proceedings as the Panel has no power to make such awards.

In the context of a Proceeding, the only remedies available to the Complainant are the transfer of the registration of the domain name to the Complainant or deletion of the registration of the domain name.

Steps for the registration of the domain name to be transferred once allowed by panel

The transfer process begins with the generation of a Domain Name Registration Form to the Complainant via e-mail. The Registrant must have a local presence and comply with existing rules and regulations. See also Supporting Documents.

Duration of process

The whole process should not take more than 10 working days.

What would happen should MYNIC not receive the domain name registration form after the 10 working days period?

MYNIC will send a notice to notify the administrative and technical contacts appointed by the Complainant on the expiry of the transfer process. The domain name will then be released to the public.